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Příspěvekod birch » 11.2.2012, 16:24

Mam tu jeden odkaz se spoustou nejruznejsich clanku, treba tam nekoho z vas neco zaujme. Vse v anglictine.
Dr. T's "Nihonto Random Thoughts" ... hon_to.htm

Feudal Japan and Nihon-to
"Common length of tsuka on Nihon-to from a socio-historical perspective" by Dr. T
"Historical classification of wakizashi and the taxonomy of Nihon-to based on their blade length and functions/purposes" by Dr. T
"How did samurai wear uchigatana traditionally?" by Dr. T
"Was chonin class in Edo period allowed to wear/carry swords?" by Dr. T

"Why even a 'martial arts grade' shinsaku-to by a mediocre smith costs so much?" by Dr. T

Koshirae (Mounts)
"Correct placement of menuki' vs. 'historically more accurate menuki placement' specific koshirae style" by Dr. T
"Historical origin of the popularity of gloss black saya and the availability of metal kojiri" by Dr. T
"Koshirae ・ Nihon T�ken Gais� 拵・日本刀剣外装: The Mountings of the Japanese Sword" by C.U. Guido Schiller & Dr. T
"The taxonomy of the Japanese terminology of koshirae craftsmen and their related history" by Dr. T
"Typology of katate-maki (i.e., "battle wrap") and its relevance to historically accurate menuki placement. by Dr. T

Mei (Signature)
"Mei reading and oshigata to determine the authenticity of an antique Nihon-to" by Dr. T
"Smiths' names in alphabetical order" by C.U. Guido Schiller (Copyright � Reprinted with the author's permission.)

Nihon-to and Tameshi-giri
"Tameshi-giri (and suemono-giri) as a sub-cultural custom and social structure in feudal era Japan: A socio-cultural analysis of transformation of its symbolic meanings and functions" by Dr. T
"Setsudan-mei katana: A few swords of interest" by Mike Yamasaki (Copyright � Reprinted with the author's permission.)
List of sword testers in setsudan-mei by C. U. Guido Shiller
"Tameshi-giri practice in JSA with antique Nihon-to: To cut with or not to cut with" by Dr. T

Sword Care and Maintenance
"To uchiko or not to uchiko: Ill effects of uchiko in sword care and maintenance" by Dr. T

Togi (Traditional Polish)
Identifying the polisher based on "nagashi" and "kesho-migaki." by Dr. T
"On Utsuri." by Ted Tenold
"Polishing and Conservation of the Japanese Sword, and the popular Hadori vs. Sashikomi controversy: A personal view" (Rev.) by C. U. Guido Schiller
"Sending WWII era gendai-to to Japan for traditional polish." by Dr. T

"Conversion chart for Nihon-to dimensions." by C.U. Guido Shiller.
"Did female samurai actually exist in medieval Japan?" by Dr. T
The Japanese sword law & export / import of swords from / into Japan� by C.U. Guido Schiller (Copyright � Reprinted with the author's permission.)
�J�nishi 十二支: The zodiac animals.� by C.U. Guido Schiller (Copyright � Reprinted with the author's permission.)
"Yakiire (edge hardening) and curvature." by C. U. Guido Schiller (Copyright � Reprinted with the author's permission.)
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Aha, tak příliš se mi zdálo .
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